Tim Pugh

Environmental and Mixed Media Artist

Month: July, 2012

High Tide Jumble made by Tim Pugh.

‘Hightide Jumble’ is a mixed media installation made in late July 2012 at Old Colwyn beach in North Wales. The artwork is made up of site specific found natural and man made materials deposited on the tide-line. The only criteria I had was to have no criteria, just to enjoy arranging and putting together random objects in a playful manner on a big boulder, enjoying the juxtaposition of clashing colours, textures and shapes. It was a refreshing change to previous considered rock drawings and other map installations I’ve been making and attracted lots of positive attention from passing families, staring and smiling at the playful nature of the arrangement.


Summer Tide made by Tim Pugh.


Summer Tide is a mixed media seaside installation that was created at Old Colwyn beach in Conwy on 21 st July 2012, on a limestone boulder,  just after high tide. The artwork is made up of images of the Moon together contrasted with photographs of past seaside beach drawings, being overwhelmed by the tide. The photocopies of the lunar body, were used to suggest it;s influence on the sea and tides, and the subsequent effect of the sea on the charcoal and chalk drawings. Cut out clocks and timepieces interspersed within the artwork, suggest the pulse of the sea as well as the inclusion of other images of past temporary arrangements. The artwork took four hours to make, in perfect dreamy summer weather, with no wind, or sunblock meaning I was soon sunburnt!

‘Timeless’, a rock drawing created by Tim Pugh.

‘Timeless’… Created at one of my favourite beaches at Old Colwyn, North Wales. I am constantly drawn to the fossil encrusted boulders that act as sea defences against the high tide. I see the shell remains as visual metaphors alluding to the presence of passed time locked up within the fragile forms; the boulder had remained entombed for millions of years in the earth and now liberated from its slumber, starts to reveal its locked in beauty, as the sea starts to erode away the limestone. The clock drawn out using permanent pens, suggests the sense of  ‘lost’ time, the absence of dial hands reinforcing a sense of timelessness, heightening a sense that time is relative and almost un-datable when trying to decipher the boulders’ journey and evolution. Next day revealed that the tide itself had obliterated all traces of the drawing… here today, gone tomorrow.

Shell drawing, Tim Pugh, 2012.


Shell drawing at Llandullas beach by Tim Pugh. Charcoal and chalk on a boulder. March 2012.

Hello world!

Well,world,this is my first attempt at sending a blog and hope that I can build on this and get some momentum in updating folk on my activities and adventures,and various projects.I am leaving the land of passenger pigeon and morse code and embarking on a strange new world.Am out of my comfort zone but have to move forward now and embrace the strangeness and change and be positive.Will start to show images and your feedback will be appreciated.Here goes….