‘Timeless’, a rock drawing created by Tim Pugh.

by timpughartist

‘Timeless’… Created at one of my favourite beaches at Old Colwyn, North Wales. I am constantly drawn to the fossil encrusted boulders that act as sea defences against the high tide. I see the shell remains as visual metaphors alluding to the presence of passed time locked up within the fragile forms; the boulder had remained entombed for millions of years in the earth and now liberated from its slumber, starts to reveal its locked in beauty, as the sea starts to erode away the limestone. The clock drawn out using permanent pens, suggests the sense of  ‘lost’ time, the absence of dial hands reinforcing a sense of timelessness, heightening a sense that time is relative and almost un-datable when trying to decipher the boulders’ journey and evolution. Next day revealed that the tide itself had obliterated all traces of the drawing… here today, gone tomorrow.