Tim Pugh

Environmental and Mixed Media Artist

Month: August, 2012

Shrunken Island made by Tim Pugh.


Shrunken Island is a mixed media installation created at Hilbre Island, located off the Wirral Peninsula in the North West on August 31st 2012. Using old maps of the sandstone island and peninsula and locally gathered natural materials I have attempted to convey the rapid coastline erosion that the area around Hilbre is experiencing due to a combination of factors. These include continual unrelenting exposure to north westerly tide movements and prevailing winds as well as the soft sandstone rock being vulnerable to erosion. Expected future rising sea levels due to the consequences of global warming will accelerate the process adding to a sense of vulnerability. Hilbre Island is a magical place to visit, stunning views, amazing wildlife and above all, a sense that the island is so far out, on the edge of the world….


Mawddach Pyramid made by Tim Pugh.

Mawddach Pyramid was created not far from Barmouth in mid Wales, next to Afon Mawddach on August 23rd, 2012. I really enjoyed making the sculpture making use of riverside slate on the foreshore. I think it was a combination of the hillside cairns, ancient local standing stones and rocky peaks that inspired me. All the while I was aware of the tide going out, seeing many herons and scuttling chiton woodlice type creatures scuttling under the rocks. A timeless background adds to the atmosphere and after I take the photographs, I wave it goodbye….

Penmaenpool Pointer made by Tim Pugh.

Penmaenpool pointer, was created by the River Mawddach in Gwynedd on August 21 st, on a very breezy day. Collected driftwood was assembled on a rocky outcrop into a giant form, perhaps suggestive of a sail or spire, pointing out towards the sea. The sculpture was very difficult to make due to the high winds and it collapsed three times during its construction; all the sticks were delicately intertwined supporting each other, and if one twig was blown out of place, the structure would be compromised, leading to instability and eventual collapse. It was very frustrating to make but once it was up after five hours of toil it remained stable for the duration of of my time in the area. Supportive comments from passing cyclists was good for morale and helped spur me on.