” The Best Things In Life Are Not Things.”

This mixed media artwork was made in response to issues that deals with consumerism and the need for people to acquire goods that are often little used or needed.Glossy catalogues filled with slick marketing gimmicks entice us to exchange money for goods that we are told we need,reinforced and backed up with subliminal advertising to promote dubious lifestyle choices.As the title of the collage suggests,the best things in life indeed are not “things”that momentarily make us feel happy,but instead should be relationships,friendships experiences and memories without a price label attached.I was aware when making the artwork of a certain irony in myself creating a consumer”product”,itself up for sale at the right price and perhaps my own hypocritical stance in taking great pleasure in acquiring the latest tablet or smart phone.The text was made from newspaper headlines as were the “things”,cut out from catalogues and glued down in a circular pattern.