Tim Pugh

Environmental and Mixed Media Artist

Month: December, 2013

“Beech Samples” .

“Beech Samples”, was created in Hawarden Woods ,North Wales in November 2013 and is indicative of my current practise in combining natural and man made materials to create temporary installations in semi urbanised natural environments .Beech leaves were pinned to an old wooden board and arranged in formal lines ,perhaps suggestive of pinned butterflies and insects found in museums or old Victorian zoological collections.I wanted to highlight the sheer variety of colour to be seen in native Welsh Woodlands closer to home in contrast to exotic collections of species found in far flung places.I had to dismantle the installation shortly after I photographed it so as not to incur the wrath of the gamekeeper and took home the leaves to press for future art projects.


“Bracken Roundel”.

“Bracken Roundel”,was made in Autumn ,2013 in Hawarden Woods,Flintshire.Dead bracken fronds were attached to the surface of an old metal drum disc in Star formations and then the disc was wedged in between two tree trunks suspended above the forest floor.The artwork reminded me of a stained glass roundel with the colourfull star patterns starkly illuminated against a bare early winter forest backdrop ,devoid of leaves and foliage.Halfway through the construction a gamekeeper came over and kindly instructed me not to work in the wood anymore till February as my prescence was disturbing the pheasants..