Tim Pugh

Environmental and Mixed Media Artist

Month: January, 2014

“Hat Sketch”.

“Hat Sketch” is the first artwork of a major self initiated project I am undertaking.I recently visited a deserted derelict former hat production and distribution factory in Cleator Moor in Cumbria.I was drawn to the huge open interior spaces inside and felt like that the place had potential in which to experiment with man made materials.I have been increasingly drawn to the idea of working with cast off man made debris and the factory is the perfect location in which to experiment with creating temporary installation and drawing.The hat sketch was drawn onto an old wooden board adhered to a wall using charcoal and chalk and was copied from an old hat catalogue found on the premises.The drawing reflects the former use of the factory and was left at the site to gradually fade away. The factory is an exciting place to work and feels like a gallery in which I can create art and leave it in situ.At times though it is a cold inhospitable place in which to work ,open to the elements as the roof has been removed but with views of the Lake District fells to compensate.


“Autumnal Drum”

“Autumnal Drum” was created in Hawarden Woods at the tailend of a particularly late Autumn.Contrasting assorted leaves were collected from a different part of the wood and adhered to an old metal drum.I liked the juxtaposition of the warm colours starkly illuminated against a backdrop of conifer trees devoid of colour.The artwork has a somewhat ironic quality as sometimes people comment that my leaf installations resemble wallpaper patterns hence my decision to deliberately create an over the top representation of peoples’ responses.The combination of natural and man made materials reflects my current practise of experimenting with new processes.The oil drum was used to store seed to feed pheasants as the wood is used as a venue for the shooting of game.