“St Bee’s Tower “.

by timpughartist

“Tideline Tower” is a temporary mixed media beach installation created at St Bee’s in West Cumbria.The main structure is made up of eroded red sandstone rocks ,forming a five foot high tower of these delicately balanced stones.The structure is adorned with collected plastic fragments strewn all over the beach after recent winter storms.I liked combining the natural and man made materials together to create a visually strong form made without the use of any tools .Although the message behind the artwork is to highlight the sheer volume of rubbish that is dumped into the sea,the artwork also has a playfull quality and I enjoyed the process of collecting the colourfull bottle lids and other discarded various bits and pieces.Lots of people came up to me with positive comments or wishing to take photographs and put their own spin on what I made comparing it to a Xmas tree or an ice cream cone or even a Dalek ! I made a series of artworks over the course of three warm and settled days,conducive to experimenting with combining new site specific materials in a visually stunning seaside backdrop.