by timpughartist

“Aspirations” was created at the old Kangol hat factory site in Cleator Moor,West Cumbria in September 2014.
The multi media artwork makes use of cut out images of hats from old discarded catalogues mounted onto blocks of wood and hung directly onto the wall.It deals with issues of consumerism with images of aspirational couples playing golf and wearing the latest trendy hats .The catalogues were pitched at presumably affluent folk ,with attendant rich lifestyles offering expensive hat options to garnish their interests and reflect their aspirations.
I really like creating this ‘ lo-if’ process of art,making use of readily found items and assembling them into artworks that deal with specific issues related the the factory.I use medium format film to document the results and produce large photographs from the negatives to display in galleries.
The factory is destined to be pulled down and the site allocated for housing and am aware that my productive time at Kangol may be limited.