“Risk Assessment”

by timpughartist

The installation was created in an old abandoned former hat factory in West Cumbria in September 2014.I initially collected lots of discarded electric and fire alarm fittings and mountings as well as other debris gathered from the factory floor. I really like working in this location as it gives wide scope to experiment with creating interesting discarded materials in a space reminiscent of a white wall gallery.Not only is there interesting material to experiment with,but the vast spaces allows the opportunity to assemble temporary artworks in a variety of settings and locations conducive to ‘exhibiting’ two and three dimensional artworks.
In this case, I was able to mount the electrical objects directly onto the walls on former shop fixture nails.The inclusion of a partially burnt risk assessment folder implied a sense of past calamity, telling a story of fire risks or incident connected to the factory shop floor; twisted cables and fire alarms added to the narrative whilst other electrical equipment contributed to a general sense of unease and tension.
I generally only work here when the weather is dry as the building has no roof,offering occasional views of the Fells and sunlight to stream through the building.