Tim Pugh

Environmental and Mixed Media Artist

Month: October, 2014

“Hat Motif”,was created at the old disused Kangol hat making factory in Cleator Moor ,West Cumbria. The artwork was embossed on a metal sliding door and is made up of words copied out from a discarded hat catalogue written around an image of a hat sketched out just prior to the writing. The words push out and amplify the simple shape thus suggesting a brand or motif. The artwork took four hours to create in between the rain showers pouring through the roofless building. My time to work and experiment in the factory may be limited as the whole site is due for demolition at any time.


“St Bee’s Collection”,is a simple installation created on an intriguing beach location in West Cumbria.Pebbles were carefully selected for particularly outstanding and beautiful textural and colour properties ,reflecting the diverse geology of the area.The actual collection of the stones took longer than the construction of the artwork and was sited on a sandstone backdrop. The incoming tide deconstructed the arrangement in a matter of seconds ,rearranging and depositing the pebbles back to their former state on the seabed. A temporary loan of materials taken back by the unceasing pulse of the tide.