Tim Pugh

Environmental and Mixed Media Artist

Month: November, 2014

“Beach Products”


“Beach Products”,was assembled at Parton beach, Cumbria on a mild November day in 2014.
I’ve always been fascinated by industrial materials and the processes involved in the manufacture , storage and distribution of raw materials. Old washed up products from long gone brick and ceramic factories and studios as well as old coal ‘crackers’ were gathered from the tideline and stored temporarily in canvas bags.The idea was inspired by old photographs of people collecting and selling coal gathered from the beach in  past times of hardship and austerity.The colours of the installation contrast vividly with the more natural sombre tones of the background seascape and act as an echoe and reminder of the intensity of the industrialised heritage of the West Cumberland coast.


“Shop Floor”.


“Shop Floor”, was constructed in mid November 2014 at the former Kangol factory site at Cleator Moor in Cumbria. The artwork is made from site specific materials gathered from the factory floor and looped through discarded electrical wires.A bent piece of metal acts as a frame and the installation was hung on a wall inside the former hat factory. Low Autumnal sunshine highlights the artwork and creates shadows to good effect. As I write this, planning permission to knock down the factory and build a housing estate on the site is being considered by the local town council…..