Tim Pugh

Environmental and Mixed Media Artist

Month: December, 2015

“Gwespyr Trigpoint “


“Gwespyr Trigpoint “,is the third and final experimental Trigpoint created at Gwespyr in North Denbighshire in December 2015.I was commissioned by Denbighshire Countryside Services to decorate three Trigpoints as part of an experimental trial and for this particular trig, I used discarded fishing nets and ropes collected from St Bee’s beach in Cumbria, earlier in the Autumn. I deliberately sourced beach materials as the trig is located 3 miles from the Irish Sea ,500 hundred feet or so above the Vale of Clwyd in the Clwydian Range.
Creating this artwork was probably one of the most arduous tasks I have ever completed due to the gale force winds hampering progress.String and rope were frequently scattered across the hillsides as the winds blew off the coiled knotted lengths into tangled clumps,ripping apart the construction and scattering my sandwiches and personal possessions over limestone clumps.I battled on for 5 hours in the teeth of exposure to gusts that threatened to blow me off the cliff and topple my tripod.I finally managed to photograph the trig and made my way down the mountain in a battered and dazed state.On reflection I considered the project to be very worthwhile but definitely not a winter job.


“Nerquis Trigpoint “


“Nerquis Trigpoint “.The artwork was created on a hilltop 900 feet above sea level in Flintshire in North Wales in September 2015 and is an Autumn leaf installation consisting of an old Trigpoint decorated with colourful leaves.A Trigpoint is a squat concrete pillar and was used as a navigation aid before satellites and modern day GPS evolved.There are many thousands of Trigpoints left on hilltops across the UK and although obsolete are viewed fondly by walkers and ramblers.I was commissioned by Denbighshire Countryside Services to decorate three Trigpoints on hilltops in North East Wales in the Autumn as an experimental project.Nerquis Trigpoint is the first pillar I decorated and choose Autumn leaves as my choice of medium. No glues or adhesives were allowed so I used jute string to tie the leaves onto the surface. It took 5 hours to create and photograph .A frustrating hour was spent waiting for the clouds to part and allow the sun to highlight the Autumnal colours before I could effectively document the artwork.