Tim Pugh

Environmental and Mixed Media Artist

Month: February, 2016

“Sailing On”


“Sailing On “,is a mixed media installation which continues the theme of the consequences of maritime degradation by the deposition of man made products into the sea.The artwork is a drawing of another old Whitehaven ship ,sketched onto a piece of old metal using a sharpie pen and installed at West Shore beach in Whitehaven, West Cumbria. Instead of industrial products which used to be exported ,now only a seemingly ceaseless flow of litter and waste products discharge into the sea.
The installation was balanced onto a piece of driftwood and frustratingly kept falling down in the light breeze. The shadow from the wood adds an interesting visual element to the artwork.


“Plastic Exports “.


“Plastic Exports “,is a mixed media installation /drawing  fixed onto an old rusted capstan on Whitehaven Harbour in West Cumbria.
I used a black pen to draw on an outline from a photograph of an old cargo boat leaving Whitehaven Harbour. I sketched the drawing onto an old carrier bag found on the beach.By using the bag,my intention was to highlight the ecological  concerns of plastic waste being deposited into the sea’s . Whitehaven now longer exports any goods or commodities except perhaps hazardous waste carelessly deposited into the high seas .

“Teapot Reassemble “


“Teapot Reassemble “,was made in Cleator Moor in West Cumbria on the site of an old Victorian dump or midden.
  The owners of the land had recently used bulldozers to crudely excavate the site, looking for old glass bottles to sell.As a result,lots of interesting bits of glass and pottery had been exposed
I collected up these remnants and arranged an outline of a Victorian teapot rather like assembling a jigsaw.It took a fair few hours to create the teapot and constantly had to be on guard for walkers and dogs accidently walking over the artwork.
I enjoyed the process of collecting the interesting bits and pieces which were poignant reminders of another time.

“Snowspire Stacks”.


“Snowspire Stacks”,was created near Rowrah in West Cumbria in January 2016 inside an old disused platelayer Hut next to a disused railway track. I took advantage of a brief spell of snow to create a temporary installation of snowball stack spires arranged inside the window frame of the hut.The dark interior illuminated the delicately balanced arrangements to good effect but it was a race against time to complete the installation as the snow was thawing out quickly, resulting in the occasional collapse of a stack.I intend to create more temporary artworks in and around the platelayer hut with the space resembling a pop up gallery.
Quite a few dogwalkers and passers by were at first bemused and  interested in what I was doing ,stopping by occasionally to chat and take photographs.