“Mud ball Balance “.

by timpughartist


“Mudball Balance “,is a temporary installation created at Woodend in West Cumbria, at the site of a long abandoned iron ore mine.The artwork is made up of rolled mud/clay ball sediment, dug out directly from the earth.The balls were balanced upon a couple of metal rods protruding from the ground and supported by a scaffolding type of branch and twig structure to help keep the heavy mass suspended above the ground. It took several attempts to construct with the main difficulty being the sheer weight causing the bottom balls to collapse and fracture and thus topple to the ground.I had to wait for a heavy overnight frost to freeze the balls solid before attempting to create the installation  again so the bottom balls could support the weight of the artwork. The mudballs were very heavy,rather like cannonballs due to the presence of high concentrations of iron ore within the ground.