“Sediment Study”

by timpughartist


“Sediment Study “,is an experimental artwork created at a rural location in West Cumbria called Woodend.The site is amidst the ruins of an abandoned iron ore mine where I often visit to create temporary artworks. On the site is an old slag bank where there are lots of waste materials such as clay, coal various ores and rocks associated with the old workings. I have always been fascinated with the beautiful tones and textures within the waste products and found a smooth stone in which to scratch and rub the various materials onto the surface.Over the course of a few hours I amassed many different contrasting colours collected from the materials, plucked from the slag bank and was amazed at the sheer variety to be found.The colours were arranged into a grid formation rather like the  layout of a watercolour set and after I photographed the artwork, I left it on the  slag bank for the elements to reabsorb into the ground.