Tim Pugh

Environmental and Mixed Media Artist

Month: July, 2016

“Bottletop Cluster”.

“Bottletop Cluster ” was created at St Bees beach in Cumbria in May 2016.I was horrified at the sheer amount of plastic waste deposited on the tideline and yet seduced by the attractive bright colours of the bottletops. To highlight how out of place the colours seem in a beautiful natural location I chose a pristine beach location at St Bee’s to further illuminate the contrast between man made and natural materials. I found an appropriate boulder in which to attach the bottletops I collected and decorated half the boulder to convey the colour contrast and highlight the profound difference of the products. I attached the tops using blue tack and after photography, dismantled the intervention and took the bottletops home to use for future projects.


“Cold Change “.

The temporary artwork was created in response to the referendum vote on wether the U.K. should stay or leave the E.U. I was saddened and shocked by the result and in response, created a series of artworks using mirrors and mixed media. I drew out a map of the UK  directly onto the surface of a mirror with a sharpie pen and infilled the map with text from my poll card. The mirror was then placed in the sea and I photographed the effects of the tide depositing the sand across the map. The resulting image resembled a weather map depicting a North Westerly airstream hence the title “Cold Change”.This I saw equally as a metaphor for the changes and uncertain future that will affect the U.K. as a result of the referendum vote to leave the E.U.