“Plastic Fantastic? “

“Plastic Fantastic? ” is a mixed media installation created at St Bees beach in West Cumbria in October 2016.The artwork was created in response to the continued occurrence of environmental degredation on the beach with vast amounts of plastic being deposited on the tideline. After collecting the waste, I decided to smother a beautifully formed boulder with the plastic to achieve a visually overwhelming effect of manmade artificial material, sharply contrasted against the natural backdrop. The intention  was to highlight the sheer amount of plastic that gets dumped by arranging a concentrated mass of material to catch the attention of passing visitors thus  raising awareness of the issue. At the same time I was also seduced by the bright  colours which in turn evokes mixed feelings of my intentions of what I wanted to convey. The artwork resembles some kind of scaly creature and people like me,enjoyed the vivid colours but were equally appalled by the amount of waste deposited in the locality.