Tim Pugh

Environmental and Mixed Media Artist

Month: April, 2017

“Sycamore Sketch “

The outdoor artwork is a drawing of a crumpled and shrunken sycamore leaf, sketched onto the smooth bark surface of a tree.The tree was located at Black Wood ,at the bottom of a hill called Dent near Cleator Moor in West Cumbria. I used black and white charcoal to convey the various ripples of the shrunken leaf as I embossed the sculptural form onto the dry and very smooth surface.The drawing took 3 hours to complete and resembled a tattoo in form and composition. Black Wood is a very atmospheric place to work in and at times has an eerie feel especially in Winter.


“Tidal Puzzle “

I found a piece of jigsaw at South Beach near Whitehaven in West Cumbria and sketched out the outline onto a boulder using pencil and mixed media in February  2017. I wanted to convey a sense of mystery related to the unceasing motions of the tides and incorporated a photograph of the same beach at high tide. This was to suggest the inner workings of the complexity of tidal ranges and the artwork itself was photographed just as the sea threatened to engulf the drawing. I rubbed in charcoal to highlight the illusion of an ocean inside the boulder and the artwork lasted a couple of days before becoming engulfed in shingle.