Tim Pugh

Environmental and Mixed Media Artist

Category: Mixed media.

“Milk Jug Mural”.

The mural was created on a 7×5 foot wooden board in early September 2017 over two days during my artist in residence post at Ceramic Wales,Regent Street,Wrexham College of Art for Glyndwr University. I used enlarged photocopies of beach tideline ceramic finds collected from North Beach in Whitehaven,West Cumbria. The subject was an old 18th century Cumbrian ceramic milk jug which was relevant to the theme of the festival. The photocopies were cut out and arranged jigsaw style within the form and then pva  glued down once the correct position had been established. The artwork was created outside the main entrance to the College to attract the attention of passers by .Bad weather threatened to disrupt the process throughout but an overhead roof gave me just enough shelter. 


“Ore Eggs”.


“Ore Eggs”,is a mixed media installation created at the site of a long abandoned iron ore mine at Woodend, near Bigrigg in West Cumbria in February 2015.I found an old birds nest and filled it with rolled up balls of mud with a high concentration of iron ore mineral and clay and positioned it on a protruding piece of metal, itself a remnant of the iron ore industry. The implementation reminded me of the same processes I used when I was a student creating ceramic sculptures from similar creative processes. High winds constantly threatened to topple the nest and occasional bursts of sunshine illuminated the deep tones of the ‘eggs’ to good effect.

“Sediment Study”


“Sediment Study “,is an experimental artwork created at a rural location in West Cumbria called Woodend.The site is amidst the ruins of an abandoned iron ore mine where I often visit to create temporary artworks. On the site is an old slag bank where there are lots of waste materials such as clay, coal various ores and rocks associated with the old workings. I have always been fascinated with the beautiful tones and textures within the waste products and found a smooth stone in which to scratch and rub the various materials onto the surface.Over the course of a few hours I amassed many different contrasting colours collected from the materials, plucked from the slag bank and was amazed at the sheer variety to be found.The colours were arranged into a grid formation rather like the  layout of a watercolour set and after I photographed the artwork, I left it on the  slag bank for the elements to reabsorb into the ground.

“Makers “


“Makers ” is a mixed media experimental installation created in a field next to the site of a long defunct iron ore mine in West Cumbria. The handprint on text is suggestive of a miner or workers hand whilst the rolled balls of iron rich clay are reminiscent of steel ball bearings used in the grinding and crushing manufacturing processes involved in refining the end product. The artwork and  rural location evokes poignant past times of a long gone industry and the hard working life of an iron ore miner.

“Door Coils”

The installation was made at the old hat factory in Cleator in West Cumbria on an office door on a bitterly cold day in January 2015.Lengths of discarded foam were tightly coiled and adhered onto the door using over 300 drawing pins and left to dangle.The patterns are reminiscent of fossils or Catherine wheel fireworks.For several days after I had sore thumbs after pushing so many pins into the door.


“Shop Till You Drop”.

“Shop Till You Drop “,was created at the former Kangol hat factory in Cleator Moor,Cumbria in January,2014.The installation was created from old unused paper carrier bags hung suspended above a puddle floor and was made in response to television coverage of the January sales in shops.I wanted to make a response to the frenzied spectacle of shoppers rushing to purchase items on sale by highlighting carrier bags hung in a fragile manner above puddles of water,left to collapse and ultimately decompose.I wanted to focus on a particular aspect of shopping ,of people purchasing goods they don’t really need but drawn to the need to acquire to get the shopping ‘buzz’ ,shopaholics need on a regular basis.The watery reflection reflects the ultimate illusion of acquiring goods to deliver a transitory ‘fix’, often masking personnel worries and concerns within peoples’ lives.

“Bone Sketch”.

“Bone Sketch” is a mixed media pencil drawing of a sheep bone collected from a field near Capel Ardda in the Conwy Valley in North Wales.By drawing the bone I came to appreciate the beautifull abstract form with its subtle smooth curves and regarded the striking fragment as a piece of sculpture in itself.It took over a week of hard graft to sketch the bone accurately employing a dark pencil background to help project and push out the slender form.This sketch will be the first of a series of drawings to be rendered this Autumn,in the knowledge that I have neglected my drawing practise .I will rectify this by sketching out a series of natural objects such as pebbles ,shells and collected small man made forms.

” The Best Things In Life Are Not Things.”

This mixed media artwork was made in response to issues that deals with consumerism and the need for people to acquire goods that are often little used or needed.Glossy catalogues filled with slick marketing gimmicks entice us to exchange money for goods that we are told we need,reinforced and backed up with subliminal advertising to promote dubious lifestyle choices.As the title of the collage suggests,the best things in life indeed are not “things”that momentarily make us feel happy,but instead should be relationships,friendships experiences and memories without a price label attached.I was aware when making the artwork of a certain irony in myself creating a consumer”product”,itself up for sale at the right price and perhaps my own hypocritical stance in taking great pleasure in acquiring the latest tablet or smart phone.The text was made from newspaper headlines as were the “things”,cut out from catalogues and glued down in a circular pattern.