Tim Pugh

Environmental and Mixed Media Artist

Category: Mixed media Drawing

Ty Pawb Ideasheet (detail)

The mixed media designsheet documents ideas and thought processes related to my artist in residence post at Ty Pawb,the new visual arts and retail centre in Wrexham,North Wales.I have used pencil and mixed media to document ideas about possible installations and interventions to create in the space allocated to me.The theme is about environmental maritime degradation utilising plastic debris collected from the tideline and thinking about ideas about what to create and install that highlights this issue.I view drawing as am essential component in my visual arts practice which also compliments and informs my three dimensional construction.


“Toy Soldier Drawing “

The artwork  is part of a series of drawings of retrieved toys picked up from various beaches in West Cumbria. I sketched the soldier onto discarded sheeting also found on the beach using a black marker pen. As well as highlighting environmental degradation and pollution in the marine environment I was drawn to a sense of melancholy evoked by discovering the toys washed up on the sands .Maybe the toys were left on the beach by children initially and then taken out to sea by the tide.?All the toys I have collected so far show signs of wave erosion resulting in missing limbs or soldiers minus their guns for example,resulting in dismembered states of appearance. I felt sympathy for their abandoned plight and and am curently resurrecting their status by sketching them and showing the results by the beaches they were discovered. The toy soldier drawing was pinned onto a beach groyne at St Bees beach in West Cumbria in August 2017.

“Recovered Object”.


“Found Object “, is a pencil and mixed media drawing of a retrieved section of ventilation apparatus brought back from the old Kangol factory in Cleator. As well as creating installations from the found site specific materials at the factory,I have started to draw some of the discarded materials.This process has been of great benefit in helping me to understand the forms I am working with better as well as sharpening my drawing skills.The sketch took five days to complete using watercolour ,pencil and paint marker pens. I am enjoying the struggle of drawing decidedly unglamorous industrial subject matter and will continue to retrieve such items as long as the factory remains’open’ for access.

“Spindle Sketch”.


“Spindle Sketch “,is a pencil and watercolour drawing of a metal object found at the old hat factory at Cleator in  Cumbria. Just prior to Xmas 2015, my main camera used to record and document the installations I make at the hat factory  stopped working. I decided  it was a good opportunity  to resume my drawing and so spent a few days drawing out this object which was connected to the manufacture of hats at the site.I really enjoyed the process and have since completed another drawing.The drawings complement the installations and will be shown next to the photographs at any future exhibitions.

“Hat Sketch”.

“Hat Sketch” is the first artwork of a major self initiated project I am undertaking.I recently visited a deserted derelict former hat production and distribution factory in Cleator Moor in Cumbria.I was drawn to the huge open interior spaces inside and felt like that the place had potential in which to experiment with man made materials.I have been increasingly drawn to the idea of working with cast off man made debris and the factory is the perfect location in which to experiment with creating temporary installation and drawing.The hat sketch was drawn onto an old wooden board adhered to a wall using charcoal and chalk and was copied from an old hat catalogue found on the premises.The drawing reflects the former use of the factory and was left at the site to gradually fade away. The factory is an exciting place to work and feels like a gallery in which I can create art and leave it in situ.At times though it is a cold inhospitable place in which to work ,open to the elements as the roof has been removed but with views of the Lake District fells to compensate.