Tim Pugh

Environmental and Mixed Media Artist

Category: outdoor drawing

“SS Izaro “.

“SS Izaro”is a temporary mixed media drawing sketched onto a wooden groyne at St Bees beach in West Cumbria.The artwork was made in memory to the beaching of the merchant ship ,SS Izaro  over a hundred years ago on the rocks below the Cliff.There were no casualties and the Spanish crew camped out on the rocks for many weeks afterwards. The ship was laden with iron ore destined for Maryport and was eventually wrecked as it’s back buckled due to the weight of its cargo.Hence,for the drawing I used iron ore sediment and charcoal. The artwork also has an element of humourous intent with the triangle sign warning of shipwrecks ahead. I enjoyed creating my own sign and had some favourable comments from passers by.Not even sudden rain or splinters in my fingers spoilt the creative experience. 


“Cracker Collector “.


“Cracker Collector ” is a drawing of an outline on a boulder sketched on a boulder at  Whitehaven beach in August 2015.I used a piece of  coal to draw out the outline of a beach coal collector ,copied from a photograph taken in the 1930’s.In times of recession, people would collect coal from the beach and sell it to households ,going from door to door.The coal would often be of poor quality and would ‘explode’ in a fire,hence the term ‘cracker’.In more recent times,men in the 1960’s and 70’s would collect and sell coal for beer money. I thought a piece of coal would be appropriate to sketch out the form ,copied from a famous old photograph of Mary Ellen Spence with a huge bag of coal on her back.

“(distant )Miners “.


“(distant ) Miners”, was sketched out on a bare rock next to a derelict iron ore mine in West Cumbria. I cut out an image of a group of Victorian miners and used it as a template on the  rock to draw around text based on historical  information about Birks Mine.I wanted to create an faded image that suggested a memory of the mining activity in homage to the workers.
The drawing was made on a rock frequented by owls and crows that had feathers  from various kills
scattered around the base.

“Zipped Up”

“Zipped Up”, is a mixed media drawing created in Hawarden Woods ,Flintshire,in March 2014.A sliver of torn bark provided the inspiration to superimpose a drawing of a zip,reinforcing the visual illusion of a zipped up tree.I applied charcoal rubbed in between the teeth to give a sense that the tree had a hollow dark interior.I am attracted to the idea of highlighting features in trees and rocks that are suggestive of everyday things and objects.I enjoyed drawing out the zip,grafting a man made feature onto the tree which implies a playfull quality to the artwork.

Secret Door,by Tim Pugh

I am in the process of digitising older images of past artworks hence the inclusion of ‘Secret Door’. This is a mixed media drawing embossed onto a treetrunk of an ancient doorway, copied from a picture of detail from Bangor Cathedral in North Wales, and drawn onto the smooth bark surface using charcoal, chalk, and paint marker pens. The beech tree is located in Hawarden Woods in Flintshire, North Wales, and I wanted to suggest a sense of a secret doorway or portal into another world or dimension; the implication or the illusion of an escape from one reality to another….

Summer Tide made by Tim Pugh.


Summer Tide is a mixed media seaside installation that was created at Old Colwyn beach in Conwy on 21 st July 2012, on a limestone boulder,  just after high tide. The artwork is made up of images of the Moon together contrasted with photographs of past seaside beach drawings, being overwhelmed by the tide. The photocopies of the lunar body, were used to suggest it;s influence on the sea and tides, and the subsequent effect of the sea on the charcoal and chalk drawings. Cut out clocks and timepieces interspersed within the artwork, suggest the pulse of the sea as well as the inclusion of other images of past temporary arrangements. The artwork took four hours to make, in perfect dreamy summer weather, with no wind, or sunblock meaning I was soon sunburnt!

‘Timeless’, a rock drawing created by Tim Pugh.

‘Timeless’… Created at one of my favourite beaches at Old Colwyn, North Wales. I am constantly drawn to the fossil encrusted boulders that act as sea defences against the high tide. I see the shell remains as visual metaphors alluding to the presence of passed time locked up within the fragile forms; the boulder had remained entombed for millions of years in the earth and now liberated from its slumber, starts to reveal its locked in beauty, as the sea starts to erode away the limestone. The clock drawn out using permanent pens, suggests the sense of  ‘lost’ time, the absence of dial hands reinforcing a sense of timelessness, heightening a sense that time is relative and almost un-datable when trying to decipher the boulders’ journey and evolution. Next day revealed that the tide itself had obliterated all traces of the drawing… here today, gone tomorrow.

Shell drawing, Tim Pugh, 2012.


Shell drawing at Llandullas beach by Tim Pugh. Charcoal and chalk on a boulder. March 2012.