Tim Pugh

Environmental and Mixed Media Artist

Category: Outdoor urban installation

“Clay Makers /The Ledge Of Fame “.

“Clay Makers /The Ledge Of Fame ” is a temporary installation created for the Ceramic Wales event at Glyndwr University, Wrexham at the start of September 2016.I created several artworks over the weekend using various clays, kiln prop furniture and other related materials. This artwork is made up of pressed imprints of guest ceramic makers invited over especially for the weekend. I painted ceramic iron ore laden mud,brought down from Cumbria, over the palms of participants and invited them to press their hands onto card so as to print their own ‘signature ‘.The card was then pressed into balls of clay, themselves mounted plinth like on a window ledge of the Art college.I collected five hand signatures and enjoyed the participatory element to the process where the artists had the opportunity to contribute in creating a joint artwork. It was a very enjoyable weekend where I relished the opportunity to experiment with the various materials. It was also a melancholy experience as I was working back at my old Art College I attended 30 years ago.


“Ore Eggs”.


“Ore Eggs”,is a mixed media installation created at the site of a long abandoned iron ore mine at Woodend, near Bigrigg in West Cumbria in February 2015.I found an old birds nest and filled it with rolled up balls of mud with a high concentration of iron ore mineral and clay and positioned it on a protruding piece of metal, itself a remnant of the iron ore industry. The implementation reminded me of the same processes I used when I was a student creating ceramic sculptures from similar creative processes. High winds constantly threatened to topple the nest and occasional bursts of sunshine illuminated the deep tones of the ‘eggs’ to good effect.

“Teapot Reassemble “


“Teapot Reassemble “,was made in Cleator Moor in West Cumbria on the site of an old Victorian dump or midden.
  The owners of the land had recently used bulldozers to crudely excavate the site, looking for old glass bottles to sell.As a result,lots of interesting bits of glass and pottery had been exposed
I collected up these remnants and arranged an outline of a Victorian teapot rather like assembling a jigsaw.It took a fair few hours to create the teapot and constantly had to be on guard for walkers and dogs accidently walking over the artwork.
I enjoyed the process of collecting the interesting bits and pieces which were poignant reminders of another time.

“Frozen Time”.


“Frozen Time “,was created at the old Kangol hat factory site in Cleator Moor in West Cumbria. I wrote text around a broken clock comprised of ‘time’ quotes ,with a sharpie pen directly onto the wall.The clock hung from an old nail and formed the centre piece of the artwork.

“Reinstalled Corn”


“Reinstalled Corn “,is a mixed media installation created in the ruins of a defunct corn mill in Hawarden Woods in Flintshire, North Wales in May 2015. Corn was spread onto a metal channel rather like a small canal to give the impression of flow or movement. A short descriptive text rather like an information panel was embossed onto a piece of suspended slate next to the artwork. I like the idea of reintroducing raw materials into  derelict industrial sites ,breathing new life and focus into forgotten places.



“Sprung”, was made at the old Kangol factory in Cleator in West Cumbria on Xmas Eve, 2014.
I found discarded foam strips lying on the factory floor and tightly coiled them and attached them with drawing pins onto a wooden board.I wanted to evoke connotations with old watch spring  mechanisms, tightly wound up and storing vast amounts of unreleased energy.
The site has recieved planning permission to build new homes and so it feels like a race against time to maximise my creative efforts at this location before the premises are levelled flat.

“Hat Motif”,was created at the old disused Kangol hat making factory in Cleator Moor ,West Cumbria. The artwork was embossed on a metal sliding door and is made up of words copied out from a discarded hat catalogue written around an image of a hat sketched out just prior to the writing. The words push out and amplify the simple shape thus suggesting a brand or motif. The artwork took four hours to create in between the rain showers pouring through the roofless building. My time to work and experiment in the factory may be limited as the whole site is due for demolition at any time.


“Aspirations” was created at the old Kangol hat factory site in Cleator Moor,West Cumbria in September 2014.
The multi media artwork makes use of cut out images of hats from old discarded catalogues mounted onto blocks of wood and hung directly onto the wall.It deals with issues of consumerism with images of aspirational couples playing golf and wearing the latest trendy hats .The catalogues were pitched at presumably affluent folk ,with attendant rich lifestyles offering expensive hat options to garnish their interests and reflect their aspirations.
I really like creating this ‘ lo-if’ process of art,making use of readily found items and assembling them into artworks that deal with specific issues related the the factory.I use medium format film to document the results and produce large photographs from the negatives to display in galleries.
The factory is destined to be pulled down and the site allocated for housing and am aware that my productive time at Kangol may be limited.


“Risk Assessment”

The installation was created in an old abandoned former hat factory in West Cumbria in September 2014.I initially collected lots of discarded electric and fire alarm fittings and mountings as well as other debris gathered from the factory floor. I really like working in this location as it gives wide scope to experiment with creating interesting discarded materials in a space reminiscent of a white wall gallery.Not only is there interesting material to experiment with,but the vast spaces allows the opportunity to assemble temporary artworks in a variety of settings and locations conducive to ‘exhibiting’ two and three dimensional artworks.
In this case, I was able to mount the electrical objects directly onto the walls on former shop fixture nails.The inclusion of a partially burnt risk assessment folder implied a sense of past calamity, telling a story of fire risks or incident connected to the factory shop floor; twisted cables and fire alarms added to the narrative whilst other electrical equipment contributed to a general sense of unease and tension.
I generally only work here when the weather is dry as the building has no roof,offering occasional views of the Fells and sunlight to stream through the building.

“Fragment Showcase”

“Fragment Showcase” is a temporary site specific installation created at an old disused Iron Ore mine in West Cumbria,England. I came across an old display case on its side and hung found discarded items related to the mining such as an old welding mask and rusted slivers of metal.I was attracted to the poignancy of the items and the white interior background highlights the corroded and disintegrated nature of these reminders of the sites former industrial use related to the Iron Ore industry.