Tim has over 20 years of experience working with people of all ages and abilities, helping to motivate and inspire participants to enjoy creating their own environmental artworks.

Pupils and students are encouraged to explore and experiment with the textures, forms and colours of natural materials, helping them to realise a wider awareness and appreciation of the individual properties and beauty of the natural environment.

The sculpture workshops offer the opportunity for everybody to make their own two or three dimensional sculptures; patterns and designs made from locally found and gathered materials such as leaves, pebbles and twigs. There is also scope for people to experiment with sketching onto natural surfaces such as tree bark and boulders using charcoal and chalk. Other activities can include tree dressing, pebble and driftwood decoration, as well as making artworks from recycled materials such as bottle tops; plastic flowers can be created from bottles, whilst more permanent wall hung murals can utilise pressed leaves, or collected woodland and seaside materials.

The emphasis of the workshops is to involve and encourage people to contribute together or work individually to build their own sculptures of a temporary or more permanent nature. Sessions are very flexible to suit classes and groups of all ages and abilities.

For schools, the workshops can incorporate any curriculum subject or cross curricular theme including incorporating local geographical or historical themes related to the area.

Wherever possible, a half or full day workshop commences with a brief slide show presenting examples of environmental sculpture and drawing. The aim of the show is to inspire participants to create their own artworks, as well as providing ideas for patterns, texture and colour.

One day workshops can also incorporate related drawing and design sessions. Pupils and students are encouraged to explore the links between the drawing of the initial design through to the eventual construction of the sculpture.

These sessions are designed to help people enjoy experimenting with mark making processes and to work with a wide range of mixed media under the guidance of a professional artist.

Tim is willing to visit and to discuss the nature of the workshop. As every venue has different needs, Tim can customise environmental are sessions to suit your own specific requirements.



Tim is a practicing environmental artist based in North Wales, working with natural and recycled materials to make temporary sculptures, drawings and installations. The works are mainly made and sited in the countryside using natural building techniques, as well as being constructed in galleries, schools and other venues.

He has conducted and participated in many workshops and residencies across the UK and Europe, involving school children, special needs groups and families.

Tim has exhibited his photographs, drawings and sculptures in galleries, museums and public spaces throughout the UK and abroad in the last few years.

Tim has also undertaken sculpture and drawing residencies in France, Spain, Italy, and Dubai and represented Wales on a sculpture exchange scheme in Tasmania, Australia and for the Bundanon Trust in New South Wales on a Visual Arts Residency.

He has also won awards at various art festivals and exhibitions and has appeared on the HTV Television Arts programme ‘Fresh’ as well as featuring on a National Australian ABC Television Transmission ‘The Arts Show’.

More recently, Tim has taken part in a series of group exhibitions that has toured extensively in Poland and Germany, and is currently experimenting with a wider range of different materials and mixed media.