Tim Pugh

Environmental and Mixed Media Artist

“Ice Cream Spoon Cone”

The wall installation was created over two days during my residency at Ty Pawb in Wrexham,North Wales in May/June 2018.I used plastic ice cream forks arranged into graduating colours to replicate the form of an ice cream cone.The installation was created to highlight the use of carelessly discarded plastic forks often seen on the tidelines of beaches.Although the cone seemingly conveys a care free seaside holiday theme ,it is intended to convey the darker side of disposable plastic items polluting and endangering fragile ecosystems.


“(Swept) Under The Carpet “

The temporary installation was created at the new visual arts hub,Ty Pawb in Wrexham in June 2018. The artwork was created in response to apathy and indifference over the years towards the threat of plastic degradation to the environment and delicate maritime ecosystems. The installation is made up of tideline plastic collected from the beaches of West Cumbria and assembled in graduating colours and tones gradually blurring into each other.A folded carpet reveals the seductive nature of the colours and textures of the plastic assembly.

Ty Pawb Ideasheet (detail)

The mixed media designsheet documents ideas and thought processes related to my artist in residence post at Ty Pawb,the new visual arts and retail centre in Wrexham,North Wales.I have used pencil and mixed media to document ideas about possible installations and interventions to create in the space allocated to me.The theme is about environmental maritime degradation utilising plastic debris collected from the tideline and thinking about ideas about what to create and install that highlights this issue.I view drawing as am essential component in my visual arts practice which also compliments and informs my three dimensional construction.

“New Broom “.

The mixed media installation was created at the new visual arts hub,Ty Pawb in Wrexham in North Wales where I am currently Artist in Residence.I incorporated the cleaners broom to suggest a meandering pathway cutting through a sea of plastic on the gallery floor.The plastic was gathered from the tideline of various beaches in West Cumbria which will be reused and recycled to create future interventions in the space.

“Surf Tower”

The temporary beach installation was created at South Beach,Whitehaven in Cumbria in December 2018.The artwork makes use of a combination of found natural and man-made materials incorporating a plastic fishing container and the base of a shopping trolley. I am increasingly drawn to combining materials that reflect urban fringe locations bordering natural landscapes. The stone tower was installed on boulder that is suggestive of a surfboard riding the sand.Increasing winds threatened to topple the tower and I was slightly fearfull as I smoothed the sands around the structure just prior to photographing the structure.

“Snowball Cluster”

The temporary snowball intervention was created at Hawarden Woods in Deeside,Flintshire in late February 2018.I came across a tree that had a hollow inside and proceeded to fill it with snowballs.I wanted to fill the negative interior space and see how the snowballs subsequently spilled out in response. The artwork was created in four hours ,occasionally disrupted by heavy snow showers and was made in a period of intense wintry activity. This blast of late winter from Siberia was nicknamed “The Beast From The East ” by the press and certainly lived up to its name.


The temporary snow intervention was created at Black How Woods at the foot of Dent Hill in West Cumbria,February 2018.The artwork was made in response to the bitter wintry blast of weather from Siberia which was dubbed “The Beast From The East” by the press.I pressed snow into the treetrunk and used a twig to define the text and the temperature of-2c helped the lettering to adhere to the bark.The artwork was still extant two days later and gained favourable responses from passing walkers.

“Fish Chain”.

The temporary installation was created at St Bees beach in West Cumbria in 2017 and was created in response to environmental concerns about fish ingesting plastic debris and the potential dangers of toxic  chemicals being introduced into the maritime food chain.The plastic debris was gathered from the tideline just prior to the construction and is deposited in large volumes on West Cumbrian beaches during winter storms. 

“Fortune Tellers”.

The temporary mixed media artwork was made in response to environmental concerns about fish ingesting plastic debris into their digestive systems in the ocean..I sketched and cut out outlines of Irish Sea fish drawn onto plastic drink bottle labels and attached them to a capstan at Whitehaven Harbour in West Cumbria. The plastic labels reminded me of the fortune teller plastic fish that come from Christmas Crackers that curl up in your hand .The artwork was set up and photographically documented in November 2017.

“Ceramic Tideline”.

The artwork is part of a series of temporary beach installations making use of enlarged photocopies from  collected Victorian and Edwardian ceramic segments gathered from the tideline. The ceramic as well as glass and other domestic finds are products washed up from a subterranean midden located next to the harbour wall. The copies were adhered onto a smooth boulder in the outline of a map depicting  a overhead view of the flow of nearby North Beach.The artwork was created on South Beach which is closed to the general public because of the danger of subsidence from cliffs of slag heap from an old collliery.