“Sycamore Stars” by Tim Pugh.

“Sycamore Stars”,was one of the first installations I created since starting my six week residency for the Montana State University School of Art at Bozeman, Montana, U.S.A. from October 9th, 2012. The iAIR program at MSU Bozeman’s School of Art was created in 2011 to foster an environment of international artistic exchange while providing a rich working experience for the artist to practise and grow. The artwork was created in a small copse within the university campus, and was one of the most delicate installations I have ever made. Very slight breezes increasingly threatened to blow away the seeds, requiring constant maintenance over the three hours it took to create, making me feel very tense and wondering whether I would ever get the artwork photographed. Brazen magpies were very inquisitive and all the while, students stopped by to have a look. After photographing the artwork I gathered up the seeds, ready to be reused again for a future gallery installation.