Tim Pugh

Environmental and Mixed Media Artist

Month: March, 2015

“Recovered Object”.


“Found Object “, is a pencil and mixed media drawing of a retrieved section of ventilation apparatus brought back from the old Kangol factory in Cleator. As well as creating installations from the found site specific materials at the factory,I have started to draw some of the discarded materials.This process has been of great benefit in helping me to understand the forms I am working with better as well as sharpening my drawing skills.The sketch took five days to complete using watercolour ,pencil and paint marker pens. I am enjoying the struggle of drawing decidedly unglamorous industrial subject matter and will continue to retrieve such items as long as the factory remains’open’ for access.


“Door Coils”

The installation was made at the old hat factory in Cleator in West Cumbria on an office door on a bitterly cold day in January 2015.Lengths of discarded foam were tightly coiled and adhered onto the door using over 300 drawing pins and left to dangle.The patterns are reminiscent of fossils or Catherine wheel fireworks.For several days after I had sore thumbs after pushing so many pins into the door.