Tim Pugh

Environmental and Mixed Media Artist

Category: Gallery Drawing

“Iron Ore Mine Studies “


“Iron Ore Mine Studies “is a mixed media gallery drawing created over a month at Florence Mine Arts Centre in Egremont, West Cumbria. The design display was made during a month long residency /joint exhibition at the Arts Centre in August 2015 entitled “Makers”. The design panel makes use of text,drawing out of ideas,sketches and slag bank samples from surrounding defunct iron ore mines in the area as well as images of previous iron ore experiments made in the past.It was a good opportunity to compile ideas,thoughts and images as well as text and other bits and pieces to create a vast design sheet. When the show ended ,it was envisaged that the gallery would paint over the artwork but they couldn’t bring themselves to do it so instead they unscrewed the boards the artwork was on. I decided to donate the design sheet as a ‘thank you ‘to the gallery for allowing me opportunity to experiment on such a large scale on their walls.


“Print Balls “


“Print Balls ” is a gallery installation created at Florence Mine Arts Centre,Egremont during a two person exhibition with Cumbrian Artist Di Mcghee in August 2015.I retrieved a couple of handfuls of iron ore laden soily clay from the ground near a defunct iron ore mine in Woodend in West Cumbria and rolled them into a heavy ball.As I had a big gallery wall to myself I decided to create a huge grid /symmetrical design on the white surface by pressing the mudball onto the surface.The ball left a succession of beautiful patterns with flowing red iron ore patterns and in two hours,covered the wall with rows of the imprinted designs. I likened the effect to ceramic wallpaper and appreciated the opportunity to experiment on such a big scale with just one mudball.