Tim Pugh

Environmental and Mixed Media Artist

Category: Gallery installation.

“Spade Story “.


“Spade Story “,is a pencil and marker pen gallery drawing created during a residency I undertook at Florence Mine in Egremont, West Cumbria in August 2015.The artwork is a large outline of a iron ore miners spade made on the gallery wall and infilled with hand written text about information concerning the iron ore mine. The drawing took four days to create and it was a time consuming process writing out the text.At the end of the show, the gallery owners removed the board it was drawn on rather than paint over it and is now a permanent document and resource ,residing at the Arts Centre.


“Gun Candy” by Tim Pugh.

“Gun Candy” is a temporary installation, created specifically for my solo show at the Helen Copeland Gallery at the University of Montana, Bozeman, U.S.A. in early November, 2012. The installation was created in response to finding out the grim fact that thousands of children are maimed or killed every year in America due to accidents and mishaps at home. I highlighted this startling statistic by creating the shape of a gun and filling it with sweets and small candy; the use of candy was deliberate with the aim of evoking the connection with children, using visually bright colours to entice the onlooker as to the apparent innocence of the subject matter. Equally, it could also be seen as to convey the message that eating too much candy can kill you, as was pointed out to me by a student.